Why We Love Front Pocket Wallets

Since we created our first wallet in 2014, our focus at House of Jack has been innovation of the everyday guy’s everyday carry experience. Though we’ve been making ‘em forever, we’ve noticed that men’s front pocket wallets are more popular than ever. Why might this be?

We Need to Carry Less

Our lives continue to be positively impacted by technological advancements such as phone apps, Apple Pay or Amazon Pay. Possibly you reach for your debit card multiple times a day rather than cash.

Ultimately, the quantity of cards and cash carried have diminished over the past decade and, in turn, men’s wallet silhouettes are changing. If you’re “old school,” you’re probably dead set on a trifold or bifold, and that’s ok! Jack’s got you covered if you’re a trifold or bifold guy.

The Leather Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip: Innovation for the Everyday

The terms “front pocket wallet with money clip” and “money clip wallet” are prevalent in the wallet world, and there is a movement toward slimmer, smaller, multi-functional silhouettes. A leather front pocket wallet that can hold some credit cards, some cash in a money clip, and fit in your front pocket is an undeniably attractive option for going about your day without the bulk.

We love our money clip front pocket wallets because they represent what our brand stands for: convenience and practicality without sacrificing on style.

Comfort and Practicality

There are several other reasons why men choose to carry front pocket wallets over others. They include:
  • Comfort. Less bulk in your wallet (and your pocket) means more comfort as you go about your day. Easier on your back, too!
  • No holes! Since your wallet is in your front pocket, it’s less likely to tear up your jeans in the back.
  • Durability. House of Jack wallets are built to last - but this style’s construction is even more durable. Front pocket wallets see less action since one is not sitting on them throughout the day.

Shop House of Jack Leather Front Pocket Wallets

House of Jack front pocket money clip wallets are designed for everyday use where every pocket has a purpose. They are ideal for the guy who prefers to carry the essentials - must-have credit cards, an ID and some cash.

Shop House of Jack money clip wallets here.

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I just received my wallet a few days ago. I’m very happy with the quality of the wallet. The leather itself is beautiful. The Money Clip is very strong. For decades I’ve carried a wallet and a money clip, and I can tell you this is one of the strongest money clips I’ve ever owned. It also fits very comfortably in my front pocket. I LOVE it!

- James


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